Our story


We are immigrant family - Valerie, Glib and our son Edward. Our dogs are our four-legged furry inspirers. In Viva Workshop have combined three of our passions! First is our LOVE of handmade. Second is our INTEREST in design and third is our desire to MAKE something with our hands We remember the history of Viva Workshop as today. In the summer of 2019, outside is freezing cold, Holst was trembling with cold and we stopped by the store for a stylish and warm outfit for him. But we saw only rhinestones, lettering, glitter and low quality. Well, on one very cold day we gathered to walk once again. We put on 5 layers of the warmest clothes and then we saw Holst...our fearless Golden Lion sat in the corner and looked at the door with horror. In his eyes was: "I saw what's happening there. You won't make me go out ". Only then did we understand that we had to come up something. So, nothing's too good for our precious pet, even a favorite sweater. We cut off the sleeve, made holes for paws and voila, a warm sweater was ready. And that immediately hit us with what we should be doing! Our hobby and greatest love all along has been running by our side! The name «Hunting Pony» was running by us too. Holst and Mona really like to run like a herd of horses, and they look like veeeeeery little horses (or rather, ponies). And they love to hunt. But they only hunt pine cones and sticks.